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A Must Read Guide to Whiplash Injury

A Must Read Guide to Whiplash Injury

What is a Whiplash Injury?

A common type of Whiplash Injury results from the forceful jarring of the neck and spine as a result of a car accident or vehicular collision; this type of injury is the result of rapid rattling or shaking of the brain, which causes damage to both the brain, as well as the brain stem. In the event that an individual is involved in a car accident whose impact forcibly thrusts the head or neck of a victim in an uncontrolled, forward or backward motion, that individual may develop a whiplash injury. You should contact a whiplash lawyer to acquire legal advice and assistance.

Medical Classification of a Whiplash Injury

A whiplash injury is classified as a diffuse axonal brain injury, whichcan be further categorized as a mild brain injury, which typically results in mild intracranial damage sustained by the brain. Whiplash injury involves little to no post traumatic amnesia, the absence of a coma, and little to no loss of consciousness.

The sufferer of a mild brain injury will most often be able to synthesize and respond to commands subsequent to a Whiplash Injury; Victims of this type of injury typically will retain the ability open their eyes, control motor movement, and converse normally – albeit the potential of slight confusion and disorientation existing.

Treatment of a Whiplash Injury

Although painful, a Whiplash Injury can be treated by a medical professional specializing in both nerve and muscle damage; physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment are not uncommon remedies. Individuals who have been the victim(s) of such injuries are encouraged to consult with a legal professional in order to be made aware of their legal rights.